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I’m truly enjoying reading the comments on this tragic accident. I gave an instance of a history I have with a mean dog and I’m accused of being the culprit of such. I would like to inform the person who responded, and I appreciate their response, that the dog and I went through every possible class to help with this issue but it was something deep inside him that each vet who saw him and each trainer believed couldn’t be changed. So while you may want to blame me for his behaviour, rest assured your casting of blame in defense of a breed is incorrect.

Now to the humorous stuff. There is a comment about me being an ambulance chaser and I’m upset that this is not a “case.” All I can say is shame on you. Look at my profile and decide if I’m the type of person who wants to see any child harmed. I’m a father of three beautiful girls and to accuse me of such shows how little you know of the legal system. I would love the day that I had to look for another job because people weren’t harmed needlessly. However, I digress, keep reading insurance propaganda while they rake in their profits.

Therefore, I thought I might educate. I do not like it when a client comes to me hurt. I am sympathetic in their pain and in those instances want to help. Without attorneys such as me insurance companies and the corporate world would run rampant over innocent families who have been harmed or lost a loved. The rule of law in the U.S. has long held that person be made whole when injured by another. Insurance companies through lies and propoganda would prefer that they continue to collect premiums while not having to pay anyone anything. See there not here with helping hands but rather there grudgingly trying to figure out how to pay less on your claim.

That said, my prayers are with this child. If the mom was negligent I hope the authorities hold her responsible. That said, this topic was informative on a tragic accident and never broached from the standpoint that it was a case.

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