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I have received several comments about the above post I wrote last week. Most are how dare I slander pit bulls or bring breeds into as it is always the owners fault that a dog hurts or bites someone.

I would like to post the following in response to all those commentaries. First, in many cases it is the owners fault. Shame on owners who breed these dogs to be vicious attack animals. However, it doesn’t take a lawyer to figure out that many breeds are more dangerous than others. I want to relay a personal example of what I’m talking about.

Back when I was dating my wife, I had a Shar pei given to me as a puppy. His name was Jaxon and he was a beautiful dog. I raised him with love and as a big baby. He slept in my bed with me and was treated wonderfully. He went through obedience training and could do every trick in the book. Nonetheless, the dog was extremely territorial of my property. You didn’t dare enter my home unless I had a muzzle on him or he was locked in another room. The dog bit my wife several times and luckily she stayed with me. I talked to many vets and was desperate to do something because I was engaged to marry this woman and he didn’t like her or anyone, including children.

I didn’t raise him that way, he was borne that way. I loved him as a little dog and never taught him mean tendencies or to be aggressive. When I married I had to give him to my parents. My parents did the same thing and he was constantly around my parents and sister and her two children. On more than one occasion he tried to bite one of my nieces but was warded off by my father. Then finally he caught my child on the foot that required her to have two stitches. That was enough. As much as it pained me and my father to do this to a cherished pet, we took him to the vet and asked if there was anything we could do. The vet said no. He said to give him to an unknown person would kill him and the best thing to do was put him asleep. I’ve never felt so bad in taking a healthy beautiful loving dog and putting him to sleep because I was afraid he was going to hurt a child. My dad and I left almost in tears.

So for those who want to deride me about breeds, I know better. Its not always the owners fault and certain breeds have an inherent dangerous quality to them. That’s why dog bite accidents, in particular this Tulsa one, are so horrifying.

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