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Once again we conservatives in the proverbial red state of Oklahoma are undergoing an outright assault on our rights. What is different in 2009? Well, it seems republicans have control of the house and senate in Oklahoma. This is the first time this has occurred in Oklahoma and it appears that its time to pay back the rich backers that got them there. Although rarely discussed in debates and always stated as a side note if at all in their campaigns, republicans are now claiming that the vote reflects Oklahomans desire for legal change. Well Senator Coffee and others leading this charade, let me be the first to tell you, Oklahomans do not want legal reform you propose. You cloak it with clever words while never engaging in debate or discussion with the public because you know what your selling is an Enron, a Madoff pyramid scheme designed to further corporate interests and to help you buy more elections. What Oklahomans want is conservatism, conservatism that lowers taxes, cuts pork spending, less government involvement with our lives. However, the conservatism you purpose is the same conservatism that led to the downfall of the national party. That form of conservatism, the one your currently trying to enact, promotes corporations in favor of people while secretly depriving men and women of freedoms long held sacred.

So what is Mr. Coffee purposing? He is simply purposing amnesty to doctors and corporations who exploit and harm people. One can logically ask why would he and others do such a thing? Let’s explore the truth. First, not Coffee but many legislatures have been bullied into voting for these reforms. Second, many legislatures have been lied to by special interests who have dumped tons of cash into their campaign. Thirdly, in the same mode as government bailouts and special interest tax breaks, these reforms will pocket more money into the hands of the few dirty corporations, insurance companies and others actors who have no regard for the average Oklahoman. Lastly, this will allow the state to control and intervene even more in our lives as what happens when someone is injured and can no longer work or live as they did. Simply, you the tax payer will pick up the bill through Medicare, Medicaid or other welfare programs.

One other thing, does conservatism favor a strict or liberal interpretation of the constitution? Most conservatives want us to strictly interpret it and abide what our original intent was. Here is a hint, common law negligence et al has been around since the foundations of this country and its republicans who now want to liberally rewrite those laws.

Let’s look at what these so called conservatives will be purposing. If history is consistent, last year republicans proposed one of the more monumentally stupid measures in state history under this rubric. They wanted to make Oklahomans sue out-of-state corporations in the corporation’s home state. So, for example, if the UPS guy ran over your child, you would get to sue UPS in its home state of lets say California (don’t know where UPS is incorporated). If you had a suit against the Hartford Insurance company for failing to pay on your $10,000 homeowners’ claim, you would have had to file that suit in Connecticut. Good luck finding an out-of-state lawyer to handle that big-time lawsuit. That’s only one example there are thousands of others.

Let me be the first conservative to warn, don’t go down this corporate protectionist path. Value Oklahomans more than you do the uber-rich and corporate benefactors.

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