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It’s come to my attention that the “Daily Oklahoman” better known as the Daily Disappointment had this letter to the editor in today’s paper.

“Government interference a bad idea

When my patients face a difficult medical decision, they often want to pray about it and discuss it with a spouse, family member or their pastor. I’ve never heard a patient say, “I want to see what my legislator thinks I should do.” Yet the Legislature is poised to pass a bill that would mandate medical decisions for pregnant women treated at state facilities. This bill would prohibit termination of a pregnancy except to save the life of the mother. It makes no exception for the mother’s health or a lethal condition in her unborn child.

Under this bill, an oncologist must tell a woman who’s diagnosed with cervical cancer in early pregnancy that she can’t begin a treatment that will give her the best chance of survival. An expectant mother will listen helplessly while her obstetrician tells her that her unborn child has a lethal birth defect and she has no choice but to continue with a doomed pregnancy.
This bill is not about abortion. It’s about government interference in the most complicated medical decisions a woman and her family can face. Don’t allow Senate Bill 714 to become law.
Dana Stone, M.D., Oklahoma City
SB 714 was passed in the Senate and by a House committee”

After reading such, I have to ask the good doctors of this state do they feel the same way that Dr. Stone does about having a patient say “I want to see what my legislator thinks I should do.” If so, do they think its appropriate for a jury made up of teachers, nurses, concrete workers, managers, engineers to need to ask after hearing a trial and all the evidence to have to say: “now what does my legislator think I should do?” … “Should I award X amount of dollars, oh wait my legislator thinks that in all circumstances it should be capped at $300,000.00.” When oh when will common sense prevail and our esteemed republican legislatures realize that not every Oklahoman needs them to tell them what to do in every circumstance. I’m conservative and I don’t believe every legislator should be telling me how to live my life on a daily basis.

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