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Its election time and thus time for the lawyer bashing to go into full force. Here in Oklahoma I hear of the dreaded word “trial lawyer” being propounded on anyone with a law degree. Frankly, I don’t get it. In Oklahoma we have very few lawyers in the legislature and it’s mainly comprised of business owners or defense lawyers. What’s wrong with having normal lawyers who dedicate their schooling and lives in pursuing the law to be elected and help write the laws? Oh I get it, the legislature, often paid for and bought by big business and rich medical providers simply want immunity for their actions. Their motto is quite simple, we can steal, loot, cause death and grievous harm but we don’t want to pay you or your family for our actions. We want to make more profits for our CEO and thus one way to do that is not to pay people we harm.

Frankly, I’m sick of it. I’m conservative by nature and believe heartedly in the ideas of lower taxes, smaller government and strict interpretation of our constitution. I’ve read the biographies recently of men such as John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and I know they would be physically sick at the level in which these insurance companies and businesses have run rough shot over the American public.

As in every walk of life there are bad people working in those areas. That stated, I can assure you that most lawyers truly care and work for their clients interests, not their own. We are dedicated servants involved in our local communities whether through Church or other volunteer activities.

Yet, despite the truth, insurance and big business continually want to demonize so called “trial lawyers.” Even the editor for the states largest newspaper has participated in it and I suppose it of no surprise that all articles are pro-big business CEOs in that paper. Joe the Plumber is unnecessarily being grilled; well we have experienced similar mistruths for years.

Conservatives and liberals alike its time to take a stand against big business and big insurance. Its time to make sure who you elect supports the civil judicial system and does not seek to destroy it like so many new age neo-cons who are not conservative in nature. Oklahoma, do the right thing; its time to squash the lies and to stand up for what is right. That is stand up for your neighbor hurt in a car wreck, stand up for the widow who lost her husband to insurance company that refuses to pay for her loss. Be Joe the Plumber, stand up to the politicians.

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