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I wanted to alert everyone to a spectacularly written article by conservative Oklahoma trial lawyer Fletcher Handley. The article appeared in the El Reno Tribune and speaks to the truth about what the Oklahoma GOP is attempting to do to the average everyday Oklahoman with what they call tort reform, but what can more aptly be characterized as civil amnesty.

The article states:

It’s also disturbing because there is absolutely no evidence that it is necessary in Oklahoma. Promoters argue that these bills are aimed to limit “frivolous lawsuits.” Such lawsuits don’t make anyone money and for the most part simply don’t exist in Oklahoma. Ask any judge. That doesn’t mean that most people who get sued don’t think the suit against them is frivolous. But that’s why we built courthouses. Last year, when it was pointed out that these same legislators presented no evidence of a lawsuit crisis in Oklahoma, they responded that there was “anecdotal” evidence. That’s the kind you hear from your brother-in-law or see on the Internet that simply isn’t true. Big business and big insurance have long filled up the Internet with false stories about far-out lawsuits. People suing on a fire policy after smoking cigars and suing Winnebago because their motor home wouldn’t drive itself. About 30 seconds on or any reputable fact-checking Web site shows these all to be lies.

In 2006, when the Tulsa World surveyed likely voters about the important issues facing Oklahoma, lawsuit reform was not among the top 20 issues raised. That’s because it simply is not an issue, except to politicians who owe their election, their political existence and maybe their souls to Big Business and Big Insurance.

I encourage everyone to read the rest of the article. I too have been a lifelong conservative and find it disgraceful what the Oklahoma Republican party is attempting to do to average Oklahomans.

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