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As we engage in the battle against caps and draconian like civil amnesty sought by Oklahoma GOP leaders for their big business, I wanted to let everyone read the article about Ron Springs, former Dallas Cowboy, whose family is taking a stand on his behalf to fight off these arbitrary limits placed by greedy insurance companies and their politicians. The Houston Chronicle recently ran a story where Mr. Springs as well as several other Plaintiffs are challenging the omnibus restrictions placed on medical malpractice cases in Texas.

The article states that:

“the lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas in Marshall, challenges the 2003 Medical Malpractice and Tort Reform Act, which limits awards in Texas. The lawsuit asks the court to declare the cap unconstitutional… In January, Springs’ wife filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against two doctors she said caused her husband’s brain damage during a routine surgery to remove a cyst.”

That’s what we are facing here in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Senate and House republicans are doing the most unconservative thing, they are allowing big government to usurp 12 jurors usually made up of teachers, paper mill workers, nurses et. al. and tell an injured party what compensation they can and cannot have.

In Oklahoma we have become easily distracted by extremists’ such as Mr. Coffee and other GOP members that we don’t hear each other and we don’t work together for true conservative causes. Do we want to keep this great state for ourselves, or slowly lose it to the corporations, banking interests, Big Oil, and powerful families of Oklahoma whose interest are what the Bible warns us about, pure greed? If we want this state, then we have to stop this nonsense of blindly placing our hopes in these partisan leaders, who all rely on campaign contributions from those very groups who write these omnibus civil amnesty bills, and start being involved citizens, watchdogging our representatives and holding them accountable to true conservative principles. Conservatism is not dead, simply these republicans cloaked as conservatives have forgot what conservatism really is. Speak up Oklahoma.

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