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We recently blogged on the Arrow Trucking situation as it related to warrants being issued by a Cleveland County judge on members of the now defunct companies executives. The warrants were issued after Arrow Trucking failed to appear for a hearing regarding their failure to pay on a civil judgment from a trucking accident. While that issue seems to be ongoing news now comes that the company has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the Northern District of Oklahoma. Those involved in civil litigation from a trucking accident against Arrow Transportation may be fearful that this could affect their ability to collect compensation for the injuries they have suffered. They may or may not be correct.

Typically many large carriers are self insured. In a nutshell, self insurance is where money is set aside using actuarial and insurance information and the law of large numbers so that the amount set aside (similar to an insurance premium) is enough to cover the future uncertain loss. Many large trucking companies carry this type of insurance then have another policy that kicks in cases where the injuries are catastrophic and pose a risk for a loss at a certain number. However, other carriers still carry liability insurance that covers a loss similar to what you would be familiar with in a typical personal auto insurance policy.

When the lawyers at McIntyre Law receive a claim against a motor-carrier one of the first actions we take is to access the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website which can allow us to ascertain general information about the at-fault trucking company. It is our hope that Arrow Trucking has sufficient insurance and/or assets to satisfy those who have needlessly been harmed in a trucking collision.

Another complicating issue is for those employees of Arrow Trucking who have workers compensation claims against the now defunct company. Once again, Oklahoma requires companies to carry workers compensation insurance. Accordingly, as long as Arrow Trucking was complying with Oklahoma law there should be applicable coverage. At McIntyre Law we are actively investigating those workers compensation claims for injured employees.


  1. Gravatar for You Snake

    You must have crawled out from under the same rock the Pielstealers were under, trying to drum up clients just for your own greed!

  2. Gravatar for Jeremy Thurman

    We appreciate constructive commentary and welcome lively debate on the various issues discussed in our blogs. Your comment probably passes a fine line of name calling rather than discussing the unfortunate events that have befallen those employees of Arrow Trucking as well as those harmed by Arrow Trucking through some negligence. Nonetheless, your comment is typical of those who denigrate attorneys for providing services we have spent many years cultivating. You throw out the tiresome “greed” and “snake” comment without knowing anything of the good attorneys willing to help the injured.

    Your comments speak to a personal nature and can only be indicative of some underlying motive against all attorneys who devote their careers, sometime to the sacrifice of their personal lives, to help those grotesquely injured by the needless negligence of others who then have their insurance company and its plethora of attorneys at their beckoned call.

    Without our help, those injured in negligence actions would be left to the unscrupulous dealings of insurance companies who do not care about them and whose sole goal is their profit margin. Their profit margin depends on giving the hurt as little compensation as possible for their injuries. Have you ever seen a thirty (30) year old man blinded by someone’s negligence who can no longer support his three kids and whose wife is forced to take care of him as she would a toddler? I have. I have seen the love of the family only to be ripped apart by an insurance corporation’s greed. Each and everytime I am honored to help them.

    So feel free to engage in all the name calling you desire. At the end of the day the reality remains that there are people hurt and suffering and you would wish they go unrepresented instead of understanding their full rights our State and Country’s Constitution affords them.

    Irregardless of any name you can call me or my peers, I will go to sleep tonight as every night thankful to God for the opportunity he has given me to work in an area where I can help hurting people and at the same time be able to feed my beautiful children and provide the necessities for my wife who devotes her time teaching kindergarten in our public school system.

    Once again, thank you for your comment but we would ask that you engage in constructive discussion rather than name calling.

  3. Gravatar for John Vander Loop

    Can you help me with info regarding my status at the time Arrow closed? I was on disability which they deducted premiums for every week. I got three weeks of payments then the fourth check bounced. I got weeks 5 and 6 and they went through. I got weeks 7 and 8 and they bounced. I also got a second check for week 4 and it cleared. So I sit with a bounced check for 2 weeks and am owed for 5 weeks. Arrow used a third party administrator but they now say they are "out of the loop" and no longer involced. I also fear I may have to pay the full price of seeing 2 doctors because Arrow is unable to pay the bill as required (I had a co-pay only). Thank you

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