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Arrow Trucking, formerly based in Tulsa Oklahoma, gave its employees a nice Christmas surprise on December 22, 2009 when it inexplicitly shut down operations sending local employees home and stranding truckers across the country. According to, which is a database compiled by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Arrow Trucking had at least 1,362 power units and 1,390 drivers in their employ.

According to the Tulsa World, Arrow Trucking and its executives are facing continued legal and financial troubles given the way the company was shut down and other seemingly shady ordeals. As it currently stands, an arrest warrant has been issued by a Cleveland County District Judge to Arrow’s Chairwoman Carol Pielsticker and her son, Doug Pielsticker, the company’s former CEO. According to the article, the warrants stems from their failure to appear at a hearing on assets that stems from a

lawsuit alleges that an intoxicated Arrow driver caused an accident that resulted in the death of another driver in June 2006 on Interstate 35, records show.

The defendants in the case include Arrow Trucking and Astraea Risk Retention Group, an insurer owned by Arrow Trucking and its subsidiaries, which include Arrow Truck Leasing Co. and Arrow Truck Real Estate Co. The companies are organized under Piel Corp., a holding company, court records show.

The plaintiffs’ representative won a $50,000 judgment against Arrow Trucking and Astraea on Oct. 30 after the companies failed to make installment payments in a previously agreed settlement.

The judgment represents the balance of the amount in the settlement agreement, the attorney for the plaintiffs said.

Couple that with news in the article that the company failed to pay withholding taxes and sales taxes and you have further trouble for the beleaguered company and their executives. Apparently the Oklahoma Tax Commission filed a $345,571 lien against Arrow on Dec. 31 with the Tulsa County Clerk’s Office.

The time period for the alleged failure to submit taxes withheld from employees’ salaries is Dec. 1, 2008, through Sept. 30, 2009, or about 10 months. The amount being sought includes about $50,000 in penalties and interest.

Lost in this legal and financial morass is the devastating effect this is having on company employees including truck drivers. I recognize that we at times focus on safety issues of the trucking industry and examples are often given of truck drivers doing unexplainable things which ultimately cause grievous harm and/or death on innocent motorists. However, as there are good and bad in every industry, I’m sure there are many quality truck drivers whose Christmas and lives have been devastated by the company’s actions. According to the article, Arrow left many of its truckers stranded throughout the country with no avenue back to their homes. Now these same drivers are trying to find employment elsewhere but cannot as Arrow is not providing the necessary information allowing other trucking companies to appropriately vet these drivers under Federal Guidelines.

Once again, Arrow seems to be a classic example of how greed and a lack of caring for people in general by a select few can devastate thousands of lives.


  1. Gravatar for Steve Lombardi

    Jeremy, terrible time of the year for this to be happening. How can truckers that drove for Arrow who have questions get answers? What government agencies deal with this issue? Telephone numbers? What about those drivers with work. comp. claims and who need representation? Does your firm handle that kind of work? Where can drivers go to find other driving jobs? Do you guys handle that kind of question? Who in your firm do you suggest they call? Excellent post to get the word out.

  2. Gravatar for Pete Merrion

    where do third parties who may have been injured in motor vehicle accidents with arrow go with their claims?

  3. Gravatar for Jeremy Thurman

    Steve and Pete thanks for your comments. My firm, McIntye Law is looking into both the third party and potential worker compensation claims. We can be reached at 1-866-917-5200.

    I did want to point at that there is a serious issue with these drivers finding other jobs. Arrow has shut its doors and reportedly not giving information necessary to other carriers for drivers to get another job. Before a motor carrier can hire a driver they have to do a background check (per Federal Regulations) to ensure the driver they are hiring is qualified and safe. If not they can be subject to Federal and State penalties and in the event an unqualified driver harms someone that can become part of the potential negligence action in making a claim for negligent hiring, retention supervision and/or entrustment.

    I know our firm and many Oklahoma firms stand ready to help third parties and employees in this unfortunate event.

  4. Gravatar for leylon spruill

    I'm another former arrow driver that cannot find work as a result of arrow's neglience. Am seeking help for my wages and new jobs. thank you

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