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On June 26, 2009 we saw one of the most horrific trucking accidents Oklahoma has ever suffered. You may recall that 9 people were killed in that accident and several others injured when 76 trucker plowed into a line of congested traffic on the Will Rogers Turnpike NE of Tulsa Oklahoma. I blogged on the subject which drew several comments from visitors who had seen the carnage of the accident and even a relative of some of those involved in the accident. In discussing this tragic accident, it occurred to me the importance in this or any semi accident to retain an attorney early in litigation.

One thing every individual who has tried to navigate a trucking accident without an attorney knows is that you are not on level ground when dealing with a trucking company. Trucking companies are highly skilled at truck accident investigations and claims. In any significant trucking accident, the Truck company will send out accident investigators that are on call will be dispatched to the scene of the crash as soon as the trucking company learns there has been an accident. This very action has already put you behind the proverbial eight ball.

The truth is simple, while you are attending to medical care, therapy or even funeral arrangement; the trucking company has already began a defense of the potential lawsuit. You need to level the playing ground and the only way our society allows us to do this is to seek legal counsel. However, don’t be fooled that anyone can litigate against a trucking company. You need to make sure you have a local attorney who has a team of investigators ready to immediately take up your fight.

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  1. Gravatar for Dan Little

    Your story failed to address the real issue, why these trucking co's have to go to this action in the first place.

    Lawsuits that ask for the moon & put most small fleets out of business by lawers who look at trucking co's as hugh piggybanks.

    I called 100 trucking co's with a fleet size of 20 or less trucks and could not find even 1 that employed an accident inv. team as you stated.

    Insurance co's might, but not average size trucking co's.

    To talk about this more contact me..

    Dan Little / Pres. Owner-Operators United Inc.

    America's fastest growing Drivers Association.

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