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With all the winter weather that has enveloped our state over the past month and the plethora of automobile accidents that have accompanied it, I wanted to provide the reading public with a portion of countermeasures promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These countermeasures provide numerous rules and advice for drivers and carriers to help them avoid devastating trucking crashes. For winter driving, the following countermeasures should be followed (note this list may or may not be concise).

According to the accident countermeasures manual

Failure to adjust to adverse conditions is a major factor in accident causation. The adverse conditions most frequently encountered cause reduced traction and reduced visibility. Reduced traction conditions include rain, snow, ice, slush and gravel. Reduced visibility conditions include twilight, darkness, rain, snow and fog. Drivers should not only develop the skills and judgment necessary to keep their own vehicle safely under control, they should also try to anticipate and be prepared to compensate for errors other drivers make during such poor driving conditions.

The manual discusses what to do in reduced traction situations such that might accompany winter weather such as we have been experiencing in Oklahoma.

These driving tips are as follows:

1. Increase following distance enough to avoid a rear-end collision if other driver brakes hard.

2. Use moderation in judging safe speed. To maintain a safe stopping distance, slow down, but not so much that you become a hazard to drivers behind.

3. Apply brakes gently and steer without jerky movements.

4. Beware when running empty or bobtailing. Lightly loaded wheels lock up easily during braking and this induces jackknifing.

5. Beware of travelling too slowly on slick, banked curves. The vehicle might slide sideways into opposing traffic or off the road.

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  1. The keys of defensive driving will save so many lives. This is vital information for all drivers.

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