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Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to represent the families of individuals killed in trucking accidents. I have litigated cases against many of the major carriers such as Swift Transportation, U.S. Xpress, Arnold Transportation and Werner Enterprises. One of the major areas of trucking accidents we have scene are on Interstate 35. Over the years we have scene semi accidents in construction zones as well as needless wrecks that have occurred in adverse weather conditions. I thought I would write today to pass along an important information for injured individuals or families of those killed in a trucking accident.

One aspect of litigating against these carriers that I would like to share with our readers is that these huge companies have an accident investigation team at the site of a catastrophic injury accident within hours. Over the years I’ve learned that these “accident teams” are designed solely to put the injured party at a distinct disadvantage after an accident. How do you counter these “accident teams”? Its actually quite simple, employ a team of your own.

If you or a loved one is injured or killed in a Oklahoma trucking accident it is imperative on you to get your own “accident team” at the site of the accident as soon as possible. An experienced trucking accident lawyer will have a team of experts available to go to the site of the accident within hours. Some of the type of experts we employ in these situations are an accident reconstructionist, human factors expert and an experienced truck driver. We have found that the sooner they get to the scene the sooner we can balance the scales against a trucking company.

Take for example a wreck that occurs on Interstate 35 (I-35) in Oklahoma. As many of our readers know, I-35 can become quite congested in the Oklahoma City/Edmond area and is prime area for semi wrecks. Given the proximity to Oklahoma City and accordingly defense reconstruction experts, a major carrier will typically have an accident team at the site within an hour. The job of this accident team is not to determine what happened but rather to immediately begin formulating a defense to any potential lawsuit.

There is only one way to counter this. Have an accident team on site within hours. We once litigated a commercial trucking case where we had experts on the scene within hours. The defense immediately began deminimizing the claim to the extent they claimed they would never pay more than a few hundred thousand dollars to our injured client. Through the work done by our experts and lawyers on scene, we were able to immediately develop important evidence that eventually led to the case settling for more than a million dollars. The importance of the monetary amount is it shows what can happen when you the client protect your interests by hiring an experienced Oklahoma trucking lawyer immediately after an accident.

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