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In readings some recent blogs I noticed fellow injuryboard blogger Steve Lombardi has been posting on motorcycle safety tips.  I thought I would give me two cents and invite everyone to take a look at the Motorcycle Safety Foundations webpage.  Specifically the library/safety tips page that has several links to sites for safety and riding tips.    


One particular link caught my attention a few months back while working on a motorcycle accident case in Oklahoma.   The motorcycle rider wasn’t wearing a helmet and sustained catastrophic injuries when his motorcycle was ran off the road by a driver.   We knew who the driver was and the case eventually settled.  The worst part though was my clients failure to wear a helmet.  It could have saved him a lifetime of injuries and pain as a result of his motorcycle wreck. 


Now back to safety.  My first tip and I will follow up in coming weeks is that since 1980, all adult-sized helmets for on-highway use must meet DOT standards. Helmet dealers and distributors must ensure that all the helmets they sell bear the DOT sticker.  So when you buy a helmet remember this, make sure it bears the DOT sticker less your family contacts me and wonders why your motorcycle helmet did not save your life.

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