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This is one aspect of life I truly do not understand. While we often find the TV show COPS humorous, it no doubt lends credence to the perplexing question “why do people run from the police?” I would estimate that the local paper has about 1 to 2 stories per week of some individual thinking their 1985 Yugo is faster than the local police car. Even assuming one is driving a Corvette, I hate to inform them that police radios, helicopters and other electronic devices travel at a much faster pace than your car.

Just today I read the following story on

A chase involving Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers ended when a car crashed into a parked rail car this morning in southeast Oklahoma City, officials said…. The chase began on Interstate 35, and the car left the freeway and crashed into the train near SE 89 and Pole Road about 6 a.m., a patrol report states.

Now I readily admit that one could argue that he deserved to run into the parked rail car. However, there is a more sinister issue at play when someone runs from the police. If you are unaware, you are most likely committing a felony if you seek to evade a police officer. What that means is that you risk a jail sentence in excess of 1 year. Further, it doesn’t take an engineering degree to figure out that when you run from the police the odds of you crashing into and harming another individual motorist is high. So let’s say while running from the police you kill a passing motorist or pedestrian. Guess what? You know face a felony murder charge which could result in you spending the remainder of your life incarcerated.

Now as to those individuals harmed in such instances. You may be thinking that the other person’s insurance does not cover such gross and intentional acts. Thankfully, Oklahoma law sees through such arguments and acts to protect you in those situations. Regardless of the malice and intent, an at-fault insurance company should provide compensation to the injured motorist.

If you are ever involved in such an incident, be sure to seek legal representation immediately. The Oklahoma automobile accident attorneys at McIntyre Law, P.C. have experience in handling these types of cases and will seek to recover the maximum allowed under law for you and/or your family.

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  1. Gravatar for Mike Bryant

    Very good post. It is very sad when the thing they are running from isn't really that bad and at the same time they are often putting theirs and so many other peoples lives in danger.

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