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The JAMA article I cited yesterday gives some valuable warning signs for sleepy drivers. I wanted to cite these warning signs for those of you taking chances with your life every time you get on the road sleepy.

The following is a list of warning signs provided by the Journal of American Medical Association.

1. Eyes closing or going out of focus by themselves.

2. Trouble keeping your head up.

3. Yawning nonstop.

4. Wandering, disconnected thoughts.

5. Not remembering driving the last few minutes.

6. Drifting between lanes, tailgating, or missing traffic signs

7. Jerking the car back into the lane.

8. Drifting off the road and narrowly missing a crash

If you have exhibited any of the above symptoms, pull over and find a place to rest. Oklahoma is full of hotels. One night in a hotel is better than a car wreck which causes someone their life. I practice in wrongful death car wreck cases and there is always a bit of sympathy to those who have unintentionally caused these accidents. Irregardless, they owed the deceased a duty and failed miserably in such. Please act as a reasonable person and take careful notice of the above signs for sleepy driving.

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