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As a busy attorney I have to admit I have caught myself texting and talking while driving. Many times I’ll look up and realize I have gone a ½ mile or so and never even looked at the road. I am extremely thankful I haven’t caused an accident or caused personal injury to someone else or even me.

I just read the story on Texting while driving ‘more dangerous than drugs or alcohol’ which states that a research carried out on young drivers (aged 17-24) using a simulator found that reaction time slowed by 35% when they were writing or reading text messages while driving. In comparison, reaction time deteriorated by 21% for those under the influence of cannabis, and by 12% at the legal alcohol limit. Which is surprising to me because I grew up with parents always telling me never to drink and drive and now it seems I should teach my children to not text and drive.

I was curious about the research on the age limit – young drivers are usually in high school and college or beginning their careers – wonder what the researchers would find if they surveyed men and women who texted and drove from the age of 28 and up with the latest Blackberry or Iphone or wireless device that allows you to access your “career, family, entire life” all with the push of a button.

Just last week a train operator in LA ran a red light and collided with another train killing 25 people and injuring 130 people and now California May Ban Cell Phone Use By Train Operators . They are currently investigating the wreck by asking for the operator’s cell phone bill to see if he was texting while operating the train which is why he missed the red light.

So I encourage everyone, including myself, quite texting and driving. This is what causes horrible accidents and I do not want to be responsible for the life of another.

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