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Underinsured motorists are a touchy subject with this personal injury attorney. On one hand, I am absolutely disgusted with the amount of uninsured motorist claims I see come through our office. On the other hand, I’m completely against seemingly well intentioned ideas whose fallout negatively affects a law abiding citizen.

Keeping the thought of a well intentioned bill in mind, the Oklahoma House passed a measure (87-8) authorizing law enforcement officials to tow away uninsured vehicles directly from the scene. is reporting that the bill

authorizes police to utilize a new instant verification system that allows them to determine if vehicles are covered by required liability insurance.

Under Martin’s bill, police would have the ability to have an uninsured vehicle towed away immediately. Martin says some studies have suggested as many as one-fourth of all motorists in Oklahoma are uninsured.

Some members expressed concern about the accuracy of the new verification system and the fate of passengers in the vehicle, especially children

While I’m completely for holding uninsured motorist accountable, we can’t put the cart before the proverbial horse. We have to make sure that the verification system is accurate and up to date less innocent people have their cars hauled off to a tow yard.

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