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Regardless of the consequences people seem intent to drink and drive around the holidays. As previously discussed, there is an epidemic of drinking and driving around the holiday months.

A local sobriety checkpoint by the Oklahoma County Sherriff’s Department netted over 26 arrests Halloween night. According to

Oklahoma County sheriff’s deputies made 26 arrests at a Halloween night sobriety checkpoint in Oklahoma City, spokesman Mark Myers said Sunday in a news release. Deputies manned the checkpoint on SW 15 between Portland and Meridian avenues from 10:30 p.m. to 3 a.m., including the extra hour for the end of daylight saving time, Myers said. Sixteen arrests were on DUI complaints, five were for outstanding warrants, three were for driver’s license infractions and two were not specified. Deputies also issued 90 citations, 34 warnings and impounded 39 vehicles, Myers said.

Ladies and gentleman this is only one location in a metropolitan area that has in excess of one million people. It doesn’t take a mathematics degree to understand that there was most likely thousands of people in Oklahoma City and even more throughout the State of Oklahoma drinking and driving last Saturday. My only thought is how many lives must be lost and how many people must suffer horrible life threatening injuries for people stop this irresponsible behavior?

People seem to forget the consequences that drinking and driving pose not only criminally but to the various victims of Oklahoma auto accidents. As an Oklahoma auto accident lawyer we typically see an increase of victims calling our office due to injuries they have sustained in an auto accident with a drunk driver. Over the years I have continually failed to realize why people take the chances they do.

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