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Car wrecks and automobile accidents not only cause damage to your car, but in some circumstances cause bodily injury. When you are in an automobile accident they are certain injuries that drivers and passengers are more prone to than others. Commonly head, back, and neck injuries are sustained, but in some cases internal organs and limbs can also be affected.

Head and neck injuries in an automobile accident are most common due to the sudden speed and direction change sustained in a collision. Traumatic brain injury or TBI is caused by an external force coming into contact with the skull at high speeds. This can cause temporary or permanent loss of brain functions. Injuries to the brain are more common in side impact accidents.

Neck injuries in car accidents include whiplash, and in some severe instances disk injuries in the lower neck and back. This can cause pain and decreased mobility, and depending on severity of the accident can require physical therapy and rehabilitation.

The back is susceptible to injuries in the same manner as the neck. The nerves, muscles, and ligaments may be hurt or inflamed due to a car accident. After an injury to the back the victim will usually need rehabilitation, prescription medication, or other methods of healing such as massage therapy.

Internal organs may also be injured in car accidents. Fractured ribs and punctured lungs are the most common sustained injury which require extended hospital stays.

The upper limbs are also frequently injured in car accidents. Fractures in the hands, arms, shoulders, or wrists are common and sometimes require treatments such as a splint or cast. The victim may also experienced reduced strength and range of motion. Injuries to the upper limbs can require MRI scans as well in order to ascertain the damage. The lower limbs may also be damages in car accidents, including fractured hips, pelvis, and legs.

When you are injured in a car accident it is important to not only see a doctor, but keep track of your medical treatment and ailments. Hiring a lawyer who deals in car accident cases is also an important step in gaining the restitution you deserve. After a car accident ensuring your good health is of utmost importance.

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