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I for one am sick and tired of insurance companies evaluating injuries on the “impact” or amount of damages to the automobile. I recently received a letter from a notorious insurance company which basically said that since the impact was low, your client better not have very many injuries. In other words, no matter how hard the hit was, since it didn’t do much damage to your well built and secure car, we won’t pay you for your medical bills.

I find this incredulous especially in light of the constant safety tests showing automobiles are safer from ever before. Further, the materials used to make the automobile are more resistant than ever when it comes to impact. For example, I was rear-ended by a driver a few years ago. My new car at the time barely had a scratch on the bumper. However, the person that hit me was doing 35 miles an hour. Luckily, both his car and mine were high quality and thus came out of the wreck looking good. However, that does not quantify it as a low impact.

Insurance companies who play this game in an effort to increase their already vast revenues should be held accountable for the injuries their insured’s cause. Its time to battle these frivolous defenses rather than immediately caving and taking less on the dollar than what our clients are entitled.

For more information on this subject, please refer to our section on Automobile and Motorcycle Accidents.

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