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Tens of thousands of car wreck injury cases pass by each year with only minimal insurance payouts. Insurance companies typically try to come in and offer some lowball offer claiming they will pay your medical bills and give you a few hundred dollars for your pain and suffering. They claim they will not pay more if you hire an attorney. Why is an insurance company telling you, the victim to not protect your rights and seek counsel? Its simple, their profits are more important than you and they frankly want to pay you the bare minimal to settle your claim.

I recall several months ago talking to a former adjuster who told stories about adjusters laughing when they could get a seriously injured car wreck victim to settle for a low ball offer. What was even better was when they could get the victim to settle for less than his or her medical bills. You have to remember that adjusters are professionally trained to pay the least amount possible on your claim. Your claim is not the only claim they are working. In fact, they typically can work hundreds or even thousands of injury claims per year. They know how to manipulate the injured that may be going through the claims process for the first time. Frankly, there is only one way to level the playing field, hire a personal injury attorney.

Let me try to explain it another way. I’m a huge football fan. My favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys and Oklahoma Sooners. I can name you every player and my wife readily admits she becomes a football widow from September through January. For purposes of Oklahoma, we can liken insurance companies such as Allstate, State Farm, Farmers insurance, GEICO and Progressive to the Oklahoma Sooners. When you try to go through the claims process you (the injured) are similar to an Oklahoma small high school. Whereas the Sooners have great recruits, incredible facilities and 80000 fans at every game, you are left with hard working players that as hard as they try they can’t compete on the division one level. So how do you balance this? Do you say, I’m going to go at this alone and take on goliath? No. You go out and get Jerry Jones to volunteer to bring the Dallas Cowboys to town to take on the Sooners. Now the game is balanced and in fact tilted in your favor.

If you don’t understand the analogy, its okay. Its close to two-a-days and I have football on the brain. The points I’m trying to make is simple. You need a pro, a lawyer, to take on goliath insurance companies. Lest you forget insurance companies are in the business of making money. They don’t care about you and do not want to pay you a cent. And the less money they pay to settle claims, or even never settle claims, the more profit they can put in their pockets. So contact a personal injury attorney to level the playing field. Don’t let

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  1. Gravatar for Peter Markle

    Good article. Refreshing to hear someone tell the truth about the bad behavior of insurance companies. Here are a couple reports that provide more details about their nasty tactics. There are a lot of these types of reports and articles available on the Internet. Can't wait for the federal government to investigate and prosecute.

    American Association for Justice

    "The Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America"

    Wall Street Journal

    "Justice for Sale"

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