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On June 24, 2009, Car and Driver Magazine performed an astonishing test reflecting the response time for a driver while texting compared with a drunk driver. According to the study

Test subject A’s baseline reaction time at 35 mph of 0.45 second worsened to 0.57 while reading a text, improved to 0.52 while writing a text, and returned almost to the baseline while impaired by alcohol, at 0.46. At 70 mph, his baseline reaction was 0.39 second, while the reading (0.50), texting (0.48), and drinking (0.50) numbers were similar. But the averages don’t tell the whole story. Looking at test subject B’s slowest reaction time at 35 mph, he traveled an extra 21 feet (more than a car length) before hitting the brakes while reading and went 16 feet longer while texting. At 70 mph, a vehicle travels 103 feet every second, and subject A’s worst reaction time while reading at that speed put him about 30 feet (31 while typing) farther down the road versus 15 feet while drunk.

When looking at these numbers first thing is “wow, no way, really?“ That was my initial response. On our daily commute or just driving with our families, we see people texting while driving no matter the road and/or traffic conditions. It has become a common way of life

We are all guilty of the evil pleasure. Truth is, are we abusing our privileges as to having a cell phone. Many states have cracked down making it illegal to be on your phone talking while driving. We have many cases where death in the young and old were caused by texting while driving. Common sense tells you it takes only a split second for someone to pull out, a child to run into the road, or pedestrian cross the street in front of your automobile.

What is it going to take before many of us wise up and realize that texting is just as dangerous as drinking and driving? Think about it, is it going to take you, me and/or a child being seriously hurt to realize the road needs our full attention, all else can wait. If it cannot just pull over (OFF the Road) and handle the message and/or call at that time

Please think about your actions. You know the saying “for every action there is an opposite reaction.” Is this reaction going to cause a death of innocence?

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