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Its Thursday and my turn to address the second question of the I-35 blog pack , "What is a personal injury lawyer, and what questions should I ask him after an I-35 collision?" Frankly, Steve Lombardi, Brooks Schuelke and Mike Bryant have done an excellent job answering questions. However, this Oklahoman has a little bit of a take on the subject as usual. An area that is of special concern to me is client communication. According to many sources, the number one complaint against lawyers is failing to communicate with their clients. So what can you the client do to pick a lawyer and secondly ensure communication?

Hopefully it is clear that the law firm of McIntyre Law P.C. focuses its practice on auto accidents, trucking accidents and other aspects of personal injury. Several years ago I had a friend who I assisted in a family law matter (I acted as a friend not a lawyer). She had retained a lawyer she knew nothing about and had simply seen on a billboard. Throughout the custody battle my friend found it extremely frustrating that the attorney would not communicate with her and return her phone calls. I saw the wear and tear on her face from the anxiety of the unknown in navigating the legal process. The anxiety she experienced has challenged me throughout the years to make sure I and/or my staff stay on top of communication with clients.

So when you go to a personal injury, auto accident attorney and/or trucking accident attorney make sure you ask them what their policy on client communication is. I will be the first to admit that there are times when a client calls that I may be in trial, at a deposition or other legal proceeding and am unavailable to take their call. Nonetheless, I strive to return their calls expeditiously as possible and/or have my staff communicate any questions they may have to me. So make sure your personal injury lawyer has the same expectations of him or herself as well as their staff.

Now the process of dealing with an auto accident claim does not necessarily mean the lawyer is required to call you every day. What I recommend to each client is to keep a journal nearby and when they think of a question right it down. When they have the opportunity call and I will try to answer their questions. I consistently tell clients that I am not a mind reader therefore I do not know if they are experiencing anxiety over a particular issue that I can answer and in turn are upset that I haven’t called. My expectations are simple, call me. Call me daily. Call me weekly but just call me. The client is paying me to be a paid professional worry about their situation and I want the client to focus on healing.

So if you are involved in an I-35 traffic accident, ask the important questions when you decide to hire an attorney regarding their policies on communication.

For questions you have about these collisions and to read previous posts from our blog pack contact or visit the websites of:

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Noble McIntyre, 1300 S. Meridian Ave. Suite 501, Oklahoma City, OK. 73108 | ph: 405-917-5200

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Schuelke, C Brooks, 1717 W 6th St # 375, Austin, TX (512) 476-4944

Mike Bryant, 1505 Division Street | Waite Park, Minnesota 56387 | T: 320.259.5414

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