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The risk of driving includes exposing yourself to intoxicated drivers and even worse….an accident resulting in death. Over the years statistics have remained relatively consistent for accidents that end in death and are related to drunk driving. The most important method of reducing alcohol-related injuries, accidents, and death comes from educating the general public and advertising the importance of safe driving. Unfortunately, education and advertisements have not produced enough impact to noticeably reduce these numbers. Looking at the statistics for Oklahoma, beginning in 1982, 608 of the 1,054 fatalities were related to alcohol.


In comparison, the statistics of 2006 seem inspiring: of the 765 accidents resulting fatalities only 243 were related to alcohol. While the difference in these numbers may be an over-all decrease in car accidents, it is important to note that it is a difference nonetheless. In fact, in 2006 alone, approximately 32% of car accidents in Oklahoma that resulted in fatalities were alcohol related. Therefore, alcohol-related fatalities continue to play a prominent role in today’s society. For example, in the United States, every 30 minutes someone is killed in an alcohol related traffic accident.


Within the alcohol industry itself, the liquor sector spends almost $2 billion dollars on advertisements and encouraging the consumption of alcoholic beverages. However, don’t forget that the Beer and Wine industries also have there advertisements as well. Why are ALL these numbers important? The answer: because your life and your friends’ and families’ lives matter. Just because you may not indulge in alcoholic beverages doesn’t mean you won’t be the victim of its wrath. Most victims have a 0.0% blood alcohol level.

Even more important, you don’t have to be driving on the interstate or a back road to become a statistic. A large portion of those who violate DUI laws are steering a boat. However, Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry is looking to enforce a new law, one which would place drunk boating on the same playing field as drunk driving. In addition, this legislation would lower the current legal threshold for boaters; taking it from .10% to .08%. . In light of the foregoing information, it’s important to consider your holiday plans….No matter what time year it is!

  • Always know who you are with and whether they are drinking.
  • Always have a safety call, someone you can count on to pick you up or help you out.
  • Never leave the dock without specifying a designated boat operator.
  • Never get in the car with someone who has been drinking, no matter what.
  • Never drive if you yourself have been drinking, it’s simply not worth it!
  • Avoid driving late at night when people are coming home from parties and may be intoxicated.
  • Always have a plan for getting home, keeping your family safe, and protecting others!

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