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A mother’s job is to protect, nurture, love, and lead by example. One mother failed to all expectations of her duties as a nurturer. This mother chose to drink and drive on October 17, 2009, with seven young innocent girls in her vehicle. This mother’s reckless decision killed a beautiful 11-year-old girl and injured six others, including her own daughter. The accident left a single father’s life shattered, alone, and empty without his pride and joy. As this devastated father stated, “A Drink is a drink. You are still driving under the influence.” How is he supposed to move on with his life when his life was his only beloved daughter? Does this leave a bad taste in your mouth? Or are you still thinking this will never happen to me. There is no reason for someone to drink and drive at all.

Within the past few years, statistics have shown that women drinking and driving has risen significantly. Women are now taking on roles of men; many of them are heads of households under severe stress. Statistics from US Transportation Department in 2007 show an increase of 30 %women under the influence and a decrease of 17% for men. I’m sure we can correlate this to a lot of sociological factors but regardless of those findings these statistics are unacceptable.

Consequently, many victims do not know where to turn. There is an important organization out there called Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). This organization has been around for 29 years and has fought hard to have legislation passed against drinking and driving. MADD has volunteers who go up against the state senate and pushes for tougher laws. Many do not realize it, but there is a MADD volunteer in the courtroom when a person is charged with drinking and driving. Who is taking notes of all the punishments?

While MADD is fighting against drinking and driving, roles have changed. Now representatives of MADD are facing mothers against mothers. Many people would have never thought this would happen. We, as fathers, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts and mothers, should be leading examples and not making irrational decisions, which not only will affect us, our families, but the lives of our victims. Tell me. Is that drink worth giving up your child’s life or killing another victim that has not had a chance to experience life? Think about it. If you are going to drink, I beg you to do it responsibly. It only takes one phone call to protect yourself or someone else.

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