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I’ve become more and more fascinated with people who drive distracted. Whether text messaging, talking on a cell phone, doing makeup, shaving with an electric razor, styling hair, watching a movie, writing a grocery list, or putting in contact lenses: These activities have become common place on the America Road. Simply, with technology and are busy lives coming into one, more and more Americans have shifted their focus from the roadway to these other tasks. Modern drivers are simply too distracted and as a personal injury attorney, I’m seeing way too many people come in with serious injuries because the person who ran into them was distracted.

Research shows that distracted driving has eclipsed drunk driving as the Number One safety concern of the driving public. Be wary to focus on the road. I have seen too many fatality crashes where people have been burned alive, permanently impaired, or injured in other areas. These are horrible to see and I don’t want it on my conscience that I killed another human being because I had to text my wife. Further, criminal statutes are focusing more and more on these type of behaviors and I’ve seen more charges of negligent homicide being brought against these drivers.

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