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I recently bought a blue tooth headset for my phone. I bought this because I caught myself doing exactly what I condemn to insurance companies and juries in a car wreck case. What is that? Well, see I have this bad habit of talking on my cell phone while I drive. Many of our serious injury cases can be directly attributed to a driver talking on a cell phone and being inattentive. So i took it upon myself to not be a hypocrite.

As a car wreck lawyer, auto accident lawyer, or whatever you would like to call me, one thing I have become is very aware of other drivers. In doing so, I made it a point to look while driving at the number of drivers on their cell phones. Frankly, I was shocked. The vast majority were on their cell phones.

So just a word of precaution. Put the cell phone down or at least purchase some sort of hands free device. I don’t want it on my conscience to cause harm to another person because I couldn’t shut my mouth.

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