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As we have been discussing on Injuryboard, the Oklahoma Republican Establishment, controlled by the State Chamber, are trying to ram tort reform (corporate immunity) through the Oklahoma legislature without debate and without consideration to their constituents. These bills were rammed through the Senate Judiciary Committee where its sponsor, Oklahoma Senator Anthony Sykes, attempted to squash debate by keeping one of his constituents from speaking during the committee hearing.

Senator Sykes claims in a KFOR Channel 4 interview that that he did not let his constituent speak at the judiciary committee hearing because of a “protocol issue.” It does not appear that Senator Sykes realized that the Youtube video of the committee hearing shows just the opposite. I invite everyone to watch and see if Oklahoma Republican Establishment is trying to slip these tort bills through without debate and the public knowing what is really in them:

One of the beautiful things in this day and age is that sometimes when a politician who claims to be conservative tramples on a constituent’s First Amendment rights, that trampling is caught on camera. Even worse, when that politician goes on a local news station and claims that violation was due to a “protocol issue” apparently without knowing that video shows the polar opposite. Such is the case of State Senator Anthony Sykes.

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