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As I was perusing the internet this weekend I ventured over and read a couple of blogs from local personality types along with various local news organizations. A couple of these blogs were from right wing pundits in our local media and couples were from left-wing pundits. In reading the right wing local pundits I saw where the blogger was lauding an Oklahoman State Senator for her ethics about tort reform while steadfastly alleging she was the only democrat who would dare stand out against tort reform. I reading such, I thought to myself: “are these people so ill advised about tort reform or are they simply a bunch of liars.”

After much heartfelt soul searching, I would like to think those politicians who so eloquently speak of their Christian credentials in political advertisements would not simply lie to the public. However, after knowing a few of these politicians I know that is not the case. Sadly, several of our elected officials in Oklahoma have decided to simply lie to the public at the behest of the rich and powerful chamber of commerce and local doctors. The truth is nowhere to be found on the subject of tort reform and they have got local bloggers, newspaper editors et al. believing their lies. I believe somewhere accountability must come into play and these dirt politicians be called into account for their actions. Its not a republican or democrat thing, its an honesty thing. Maybe that’s simple thinking from someone born and bred it Oklahoma, but the more I see the lies the more I believe republican or democrat alike, its time to stop lying to the public.

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