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There seems to be quite a bit of accusations by individuals commenting to mine and others posts who have fallen prey to the misinformation by the insurance lobby and Corporate lobby. As a Personal Injury Lawyer, I often cringe at accusations such as ambulance chaser et al and wonder just how misinformed these individuals are. Then today I read a post entitled “Who Can I Sue?…Reflects Poorly on You” which reinforced my belief that this is purposefully driven device by the insurance and corporate lobbies to purposefully mislead and straight out lie to the public about our profession.

The article points out that the homepage of has a picture of a businessman slipping on a banana peel. Luckily someone investigated who was responsible for this reprehensible website and found that it was Jorden Burt, "A Financial Services and Insurance Law Firm"…condemning "unnecessary and frivolous lawsuits." Although I share my disgust at the site, I am not surprised at who is responsible for it.

So why would an insurance puppet put up such a site. I think its quite simple, its election time and a good time to get headlines for those dishonest politicians seeking so called draconian tort reform.

It’s a good time for such sites because surely a paper or politician will pick up on and start giving dishonest speeches about the need for tort reform, when none exists, at least not the type they are purposing. Why would a politician do so? Look no further than money. Its time to go and collect from big business, insurance and doctors who receive the financial benefit of tort reform while the public is harmed. I can point to several politicians in Oklahoma who have personally told me they are against tort reform to only see them come November start derailing “trial lawyers” in commercials in an effort to get more money. Its greed pure and simple.

This is the same about how the insurance lobby has lied to the public over the years about the McDonalds Case and so called myths such a thief suing a homeowner when he fell out a window. These lies are simply to poison your mind against lawyers for political purposes and if you ever serve on a jury.

So I encourage you before you ever yell about “ambulance chaser” or anything the like. Sit back and think what a world would be like where the Ford Pinto was still blowing people up, where Phen fen was still on the market killing innocent women and men, where Oil companies were stealing royalties from their owners and where Allstate, State Farm et al were ripping injured parties worse than they already are. Do you truly trust your insurance company to do the right thing and put profits over you? If you do, like George Strait says, I have some ocean front property here in Oklahoma I would like to sell you.

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