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I just settled a dog bite case today. I had some good facts working for my case and some bad facts. The bad facts were simply it took forever to find the owner of the dog as my client tried to clean his wound’s himself and finally gave up and went to the doctor. Only after going to the doctor did he call animal control. Luckily we found the dog but I thought I would write some pointers on what to do if you suffer a dog bite. As an Oklahoma dog bite lawyer, these bulleted points are very important to keep in mind.

1. Identify the dog and call your local animal control officer.
2. Get the name and address of the owner of the dog, if possible. If you can, obtain the dog license
3. Get the name, address and telephone number of any potential witnesses. You may have to return to
the accident scene, and knock on the doors of nearby homes and businesses. You also
should revisit the scene of the accident several times at the same time at which the accident took
place, because people may have a habit of going to the same places as part of their daily routine.
4. Take photos of all of your wounds, bruises and bloody clothing. I find this of utmost help in trying to
resolve a dog bite case for maximum value.
5. If possible, obtain insurance information from the dog owner. Let them know you have incurred
medical bills and need to know who they have their homeowners or renters insurance through.
6. Contact a competent attorney who has experience in dog bite cases. These cases operate under
strict liability and having a competent Oklahoma dog bite lawyer will maximize your recovery.

Here at the firm of Nix & McIntyre, we have extensive experience handling a variety of dog bite cases. Never devalue your case simply because you think the bite is not overly serious. We have represented and recovered for clients with bites on their faces, torsos and legs. All dog bite cases have potential value and you have a right to recover your damages under Oklahoma dog bite law.

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