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Trampolines are very dangerous. I once had an orthopedist comment to my father that he could fund his entire practice based solely on trampoline injuries. I’m sure all our readers know of a person who has been hurt on a trampoline. Some accidents are minor, some result in broken bones while others can result in very serious injuries. I recall doing a back dive off my trampoline as a child and look back thankfully that I did not seriously injure my neck and/or back.

In Oklahoma trampoline accidents are common. It is the responsibility of a trampoline’s owner to make every necessary safety precaution including putting netting around the edges of the trampoline. If these appropriate safety precautions are not made, and a serious injury results, the homeowner may be liable for any all medical bills, pain and suffering, etc

Now before you jump and say that you don’t want to file a claim against a friend, think about the reasons you carry insurance. I for one carry insurance to not only protect my family should an accident occur but to also compensate anyone I injure. Its not a bad thing to file an insurance claim and in fact, a friend should welcome the filing in order to allow your injured child the opportunity to seek the appropriate treatment for his or her medical needs.

In the coming weeks I plan on posting on different trampoline safety precautions.

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  1. Gravatar for Mike Bryant
    Mike Bryant

    I've seen a number of injuries with trampolines, but not thought much about the orthopedist issue. Very interesting and helpful post.

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