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Tragic news is coming out of Perkins Oklahoma where is reporting that a Rottweiler has killed an infant girl who was less than a year old. Details are sketchy as the death occurred on Iowa Tribal Land and the Iowa Tribal Police are not releasing any details. However, is reporting that

However, a cousin of the victim wanted to speak to us over the phone. "These dogs are dangerous and people don’t need to put that much trust into them," says Stephen Wood, whose mother called him Monday morning with the tragic news. Wood says the infant was a little girl, less than a year old. Wood says the dog that killed her was a rottweiler the family had brought home on Sunday. Wood did not have details surrounding the attack, but says many dogs roam freely around the property. "I don’t know if (the dog) jumped up, took (the girl) out of her arms, or if (the baby) was laying in the bed, and (the dog) came in there and bit her in the bed," he says, "but they’re the kind of people that will let the dogs in the house. I think it was irresponsible to have one around an infant." Wood says the family got the dog to protect their property.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of this infant.

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