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An Oklahoma man died this weekend when his tractor drug him an unknown distance, NewsOK reports. The man was standing next to the tractor when he tried to crank start it. Unknowing to the man, the tractor was in gear and it began to back up out of control when it started. He tried to disengage the clutch, but his clothes got caught in the tractor and he was dragged an unknown distance.

This tragic accident serves as a reminder that although tractors do not travel at the velocity that automobiles do, they can still be very dangerous if they are not handled with extreme caution. In response to the hazards that tractors cause, the Oklahoma Safety Council has issued tractor safety principles that all riders should abide by.

  • Operators should develop a “safety first” attitude.
  • Operators should be physically and mentally fit when operating tractors. Drivers should not drive when fatigued, under stress, on medication, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Read the operator’s manual and warning decals.
  • The Operator should inspect the tractor with a Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) and wear seat belts.
  • The tractor should be inspected for any hazards.
  • Everyone who operates a tractor should have received training and is able to operate it successfully.
  • Equipment should be shut down, engine turned off, key removed, and all moving parts stopped before dismounting equipment.
  • Bystanders and others should be away from the tractor area. There should not be any extra riders.

An inspection of the tractor should also be made to ensure that all the equipment is working properly.

Agriculture and farming is a big industry in Oklahoma which requires an abundance of hard work and dedication. Tractors have made the sometimes arduous and seemingly boundless work go by much smoother and quicker. Employing the above-mentioned tips will help the work get done in an efficient and safe manner.

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