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One of the more commonly injured parts of the body in a car or truck accident is the back and spinal column. As a result of the force and speed involved in automobile accidents, many injuries sustained by those involved is a herniated disc. The discs within the spinal column are soft and malleable, which buffer the hard bones of the vertebrae. These allow for flexibility and mobility of the spinal column and act as shock absorbers for our body. These discs are not indestructible however, if injured in an automobile accident the cushioning affect from these discs may be destroyed causing pain to radiate to different parts of the body due to the heavy concentration of nerves running along the spinal column.

There are many options for those with herniated discs, including conservative treatments and surgical treatments. The conservative treatments involve rest, rehabilitation, medication, osteopathic manipulations, physical therapy, and epidural steroid injections. These conservative alleviations are for patients that do not report severe pain and can function without too much detriment for a period that the treatment usually covers. Most of the alternatives to surgery take up to twelve weeks before a patient reports normal range of motion and little to no discomfort.

After this period of conservative care, surgery may be recommended for those who do not recover as quickly. Surgery is designed to alleviate pain and help the patient recover more quickly. Treatments for a herniated disc include microdiscetomy, lumbar laminectomy, and microendoscopic surgery. Microdiscetomy is the most common of these procedures. This involves removal of a small portion of the bone that is located over the nerve that is being impinged, to provide the nerve with ample room to heal. This surgery is normally provided for those that are experiencing leg pain resulting from a herniated disc.

If you or anyone you know has been the victim of a automobile accident and suffering from lower back pain, or other pain that may be related to a herniated disc, please seek medical care and legal representation immediately. Your health should be your first priority when involved in such an accident.

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