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We live in a society where mothers are and daughters are under increasing pressure to look like a certain celebrity or model. In most cases, plastic surgery is on the only option to get the “perfect” breasts or other body parts to fit Hollywood’s stereotype of attractiveness. While I’m aware of breast surgery, tummy tucks and face lifts; I have never heard of “butt-enhancing procedures.” Accordingly, I will be the first to admit that when I read the headline “6 Women Hospitalized After Botched Butt-Enhancing Procedures” from I had to take a second look.

The article discusses that so far six (6) women from New Jersey have been hospitalized from “black market butt enhancement surgeries.” Apparently, these women were undergoing black market surgery to look like well-endowed celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

According to the article

A black-market butt-enhancement “practitioner” is injecting New Jersey backsides with household caulk and other hazardous materials, according to New Jersey health officials who have alerted New York authorities to the rear and present danger.

Six Newark-area women in the last two months have been hospitalized with infections caused by injections of “a variety of unknown materials,” said New Jersey Health Department epidemiologist Dr. Tina Tan.

Officials said they believe the injected mixture includes silicone, petroleum jelly and hardware-grade caulk.

Over the years I have litigated several medical malpractice cases and seen things that happen in a hospital that would make the average person cringe. I have seen breast implants gone awry as well as other procedures where the outcome was nowhere near as promised.

My only advice for these and other women considering having plastic surgery is to make sure you are going with a board certified reputable plastic surgeon. The very concept of having a “black-market” surgery is unconscionable and no superficial benefit is worth the risk to your body and life.

I in no way want this blog to be interpreted as anti-plastic surgery. I have seen the work with car wreck victims, cancer survivors and other horribly injured these wonderfully talented surgeons do. Further, plastic surgery can be beneficial for those suffering emotionally from negative body image. However, never go cheap or engage in purchasing “black-market” health care. Your life is to precious for such a risk.

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