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The NuvaRing® is a hormonal contraceptive that works in a similar way to the oral birth control pill and the Ortho Evra birth control patch. The NuvaRing, however, is a flexible, soft, two-inch ring that is worn in the vagina for three weeks and removed for one week.

During the fourth week, which is NuvaRing-free, the woman will have a menstrual period–like those using the pill or the patch. After the ring-free week, a new NuvaRing may be inserted and the cycle begins again.

Patients insert the NuvaRing while lying down, standing or squatting. They simply press the sides together, push it gently into the vagina, and position it deep inside where the vaginal muscles will hold it into place. NuvaRing users do not feel the ring when it is correctly in place, and it should not be affected by exercise or intercourse.

The NuvaRing is manufactured by Organon USA (partnered with Organon in Oss, the Netherlands). Organon is the largest of three pharmaceutical companies owned internationally by Akzo Nobel in the Netherlands. Akzo Nobel operates in more than 80 companies with about 66,000 employees.

Unfortunately, NuvaRing greatly increases a woman’s risk for thromboembolotic complications (i.e., blood clots, DVT, pulmonary embolism, and/or stroke). There is a reasonable question circulating the medical community currently as to whether physicians and, in turn, their patients were reasonably and appropriately warned about the risks of such complications from the use of Nuvaring. Regrettably, for some, the risk is not appreciated until after they have sustained a blood clot and, as a result hospitalization and life-long complications.

Our firm is spearheading litigation against Organon for inappropriately marketing this dangerous product without adequate information. If you have been severely injured from the Nuvaring.

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