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Oklahoma Has High Number of Truck Accidents

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A new study has put Oklahoma number 3 in the country for truck accident related fatalities. Police say that cars are resposible for many of the accidents.

Trooper Mike Max says if every driver knew what Moore did, there would be a lot fewer accidents on the roadway, “Probably half, and half cars are just as much at fault.”

Moore agrees that education is the key. “I think everyone should have to learn about 18 wheelers when they go get their driver’s license.”

Trooper Max says Oklahoma may rank higher than other states because we are home to three major interstates, our speed is higher than some states, and officers in other states don’t always turn in the appropriate accident investigation forms.

The state police are now certifying more troopers to inspect trucking log books. They will be able to tell if a truck driver is following state regulations for the amount of time they spend driving.