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New Information On Will Rogers Tractor-trailer Crash Emerging

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According to newsok.com, new details are starting to emerge about the catastrophic crash that took place on the Will Rogers Turnpike NE of Tulsa yesterday. Oklahoma highway patrolmen are stating that:

Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers can’t remember a worse wreck than the one that killed nine people Friday on the Will Rogers Turnpike, a spokesman said.

Even more interesting is the fact that the semi driver was 76 years old. I fully recognize that this is pure speculation on my part but one of the first thing a trucking attorney must do is analyze areas in which a Federal regulations may have been broken by the Trucking Company. As a Trucking Lawyer one of the issues we look into is whether any violations of 49 CFR Part 391.41 were broken. This rule states the following in regard to CDL "Driver Physical Requirements"

Examples of physical requirements:

  • Has no loss of a foot, a leg, a hand, or an arm.
  • Has no established medical history or clinical diagnosis of diabetes requiring insulin for control. (injection only)

  • Has no clinical diagnosis of any disqualifying heart disease.

  • Has no clinical diagnosis of epilepsy.

  • Has 20/40 vision or better with corrective lenses.

  • Has the ability to recognize the colors (red, green and amber) of traffic signals.

  • Has hearing to perceive a forced whisper.

  • Has no history of drug use.

  • Has no clinical diagnosis of alcoholism.

Obviously, we don’t know whether the gentleman driving this vehicle suffered from any of these conditions. However, these are areas that will be investigated by the appropriate officials as more details emerge about this catastrophic collision.