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Oklahoma – Nursing Homes Lack Insurance

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Citing a study by the Oklahoma Center for Consumer & Patient Safety, newsok.com ran a story about Oklahoma nursing homes failure to carry insurance. Don’t be confused by the story as the Oklahoman/Newsok.com rarely if ever will run a story that speaks favorable to consumer rights. However, I did find it interesting the comments made by Becky Moore, executive director of the Oklahoma Association of Healthcare Providers, who said her nursing home group opposes mandatory medical liability insurance coverage. She stated taht underfunding from Medicaid and Medicare has forced many nursing home owners to make a choice, either pay for liability insurance or pay for taking care of residents,” Moore said. I find this interesting in that most nursing homes owners, after you break through the corporate barriers are making millions of dollars on these operations.

I guess I can never get over the hypocrisy of some “entities” who claim that they put patient rights over profit. Believe me, failure to carry insurance is more about profit than it is about the patient.