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Perception vs. Reality in the Practice of Law

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Ever had one of those late nights where your mind is running ninety miles an hour with what you have to do tomorrow and the rest of the week? Well, I think I’m having one of those moments so I decided to blog. Its late so forgive the spelling and grammer errors that will most likely occur. In a culture which my profession is consistently being attacked as being greedy and generally bad.

My profession has been driven so far in the mud that sometimes I feel compelled to defend my chosen field of law at every turn with every client and every friend I have. I want them to know that there is a totally different side where us personal injury lawyers actually desire to help individuals. We experience the hugs and tears when a case is successfully completed and we feel the heartbreak when a justice goes unserved often by some mechanism of law that is beyond our control. I have run into a case recently where the law specifically preempts us from being able to seek justice. I know full well if we file suit that case law will go against us. So because of laws that legislatures have recently written, a young man cannot find justice for those that did him harm.

What a strange system we live under where people can avoid responsibility because some state senator or representative thought it in the best interest to make it unfeasable to go to court. I hope these instances are rare in my career because I along with this firm truly care about our clients and want the best for them and to see them return physically and mentally to where they were before harm befell them. I hope the tides of public perception will one day return to see what my profession truly does for those most often in desperation.