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Oklahoma -Three Die in I-35 Single Car Accident


Newsok.com is reporting that three Iowa citizens are dead and four other people were taken to area hospitals as a result of a roll over crash on I-35 in Noble County. The story reports that

Five of the seven people in the SUV, including the driver’s two sons, were thrown from the vehicle.

While our prayers are with the families of those in this accident, this accident illustrates the fact that seatbelts can save lives. I’m still astonished that people fail to wear seatbelts. As an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer I see far too many accidents like this where people are thrown from a vehicle because they weren’t wearing a seatbelt. Currently, our laws do not allow seat belt usage to be presented to the jury but that is about to change November 1, 2009.

Nonetheless, it’s a hard lesson to learn the importance of seatbelt usage via someone’s death. So buckle up Oklahoma.


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  1. Facebook User says:
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    Oh my God this was such a terrible scene. We drove by this accident less than 5 minutes after helping others at 3 car collision a mile or two back. Unbelievable. But I can say the cops were doing their jobs and trying to save someone’s life by CPR.

  2. Mary Hull says:
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    We were on our way to Wichita and passed by an accident when the second ambulance and helicoper was leaving. How did this happen in a construction zone and only one vehicle involved?