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Medical Doctor Passes Legislation for Himself

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Just saw this great press release from the Oklahoma Center for Consumer and Patient Safety http://www.okccps.org/okccps.site/images/PR-%20HB%201475%20Special%20Legislation.pdf Representative Cox, a doctor, claims that Oklahoma has a medical malpractice crisis and yet in 2006, PLICO did not raise its rates and the other two carriers dropped their rates on some coverages. PLICO, the largest insurance provider of doctors in the state, has actually filed for a rate reduction. Medical malpractice rates in Oklahoma are still lower than Missouri, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas. The number of doctors per capita in Oklahoma has actually increased from sixth to fourth, yet again a very different picture than what Dr. Cox has been telling.

Keep up the legislation Dr. Cox, hope it adds more money to your pocket while doing away with individual rights.