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Investigators Looking at Mother In Tulsa Dog Mauling

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According to newsok.com, “Police are trying to determine whether drugs or alcohol use may have kept a 17-year-old mother from waking up while her 2-month-old baby was eaten alive by the family’s Labrador puppy.

In an affidavit for a search warrant filed Monday, police said Linzy Leigh Earles, mother of Zane Earles, left the child unattended in an infant swing for about two hours on July 28 while she “went back to her bedroom and slept.”

“During that time, … a 9- to 12-week-old Lab puppy that was left loose in the house ate the 2-month-old victim,” the document alleged.”

I’ll keep following this as there seems to be a lot of interest in this story. The one thing I can’t get beyond is how could a puppy be so hungry to eat a human? Bad ownership we can assume. That said, for those of us with children, this is an example of the dangerous ability of any dog at any given time.