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French Plastic Surgeon – Dozens of Mutilizations

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Breitbart.com is reporting that a French Plastic Surgeon is currently on trial for dozens of mutilizations. This story is truly amazing. It sounds like something you might watch on a horror flick, but for the many people who suffered from his medical malpractice, its all too real.

According to the report, French Doctor Michel Maure is facing 97 charges of misleading advertising, aggravated deceit, endangering lives, and involuntary injury between 2000 and 2004.

Most of his business involved cosmetic liposuctions and breast implants. Its truly amazing that someone could have gotten away with this many malpractice instances. If you want to know why you don’ t hear about things like this very often in the U.S., its quite simple. Its called trial lawyers who hold doctors to account when their medical associations and states will not.