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1 Year-Old Drowns in Neighbors Swimming Pool


Newsok.com is reporting that a 1 year-old Oklahoma City boy has drowned in a neighbor’s above ground pool. Our prayers are with the family during this awful time.

This should reinforce to all pool owners to make sure that your pool in inaccessible to kids.


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  1. Robert says:
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    It’s always a tragedy when a child drowns. I’m the pool operator at our local YMCA. I teach and preach safety and all the lifeguards know I’m a “letter-of-the-law” kind of guy when it comes to safety. There is no room for error. Teach you child to swim early. I have heard and seen experts who say not to teach children under the age of 3-4 not to swim because they cannot handle the stress. It’s just better to go with them and
    have fun, rather than a stressful swimming session.

    All commercial pools should have a safety drain mandated by Congress. If you have a commercial pool you need to be compliant with this law.

    Go to:



    for more info.

  2. Facebook User says:
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    I lost my two year old five years ago in a drowning accident. My heart goes out to the family that lost there precious child. I am re-married and have two wonderful boys that are 1 1/2 and three. They both are taking swim lessons with an incredible program called Infant Swim Resource. They both have not only learned to swim, but have learned to survive if they fall into water by themselves. I only wish I had found such an incredible program when my precious son Colton was alive.