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What is Medical Malpractice

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In the age of tort reform and the war being raged against trial attorneys by insurance companies and the medical profession, I thought I would just remind people what exactly medical malpractice is. I think if we were to think about it realize that not all that many people really know what constitutes medical malpractice.

So what is medical malpractice? In a nutshell, its where a doctor, nurse, or hospital staff member deviates from the standard of care that their profession requires. It can be not properly assessing a patient by a nurse. It can be failing to follow long standind procedures in a surgery. It can be giving a patient the wrong quantity of a drug.

However, most importantly its where a patient has been injured because someone in the medical profession simply failed to follow protocol. Contrary to what the public is being spoonfed by the medical and insurance profession, it doesn’t involve every procedure gone awry, but rather when a doctor doesn’t do what they are suppose to.

I just wanted to get back to this simplistic Okie explanation in hopes that attorneys and the public can remember they are doing a nobel thing when they take on the billion dollar medical and insurance industry.