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Texas Plus Tort Reform – Oklahoma's Deception

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For some of our illustrious legislatures in Oklahoma that are beating the drums of war over tort reform, I have to ask why? What evidence do you have to remotely suggest there is a medical malpractice or lawsuit crisis occurring in Oklahoma?

Shall I dare say that the reason they do not provide evidence is that none exists. Or shall I dare say that it appears that the insurance industry and corporate lobby are essentially writing these indefensible bills and handing them to Oklahoma representatives and senators to file. Frankly, I don’t know, but I do know the truth and that is that there is no medical malpractice crisis in Oklahoma. I recently read where we have the fourth most doctors per capita in the United States. Does that wreak of doctors leaving the state in droves? Frankly, its all hogwash and the lobbyists, representatives and senators proposing these bills need to be held into account. You see them speak of accountability in everything, but when it comes to corporations and the medical profession, the bills they are proposing this 2007 session in Oklahoma read more like an immunity act for those professions. I guess I’m truly a disgusted conservative who is tired of the lies and rhetoric coming forth from the state capital.

Oh, speaking of evidence and facts, thought I would throw the following tidbit someone passed to me about what has happened in Texas since they enacted broad sweeping reform immunizing certain professions from being accountable when they harm others ( if I find the cite I will post it for you). Remember when you read the following, our legislatures are seeking TEXAS PLUS! (can you imagine, we may as well scrap the whole civil justice system in this state).

“Undeserved areas remain underserved. Rural, remote, and indigent regions of Texas have seen a decrease in the rate of new doctors since Prop 12 passed. More counties do not have an obstetrician. Today more counties in Texas do not have an obstetrician than before Proposition 12 passed. Medical liability insurance premiums remain inflated. Despite marginal reductions, doctors are still paying dramatically higher premiums than they were just a few years before Proposition 12 passed. Texas has the highest rate of citizens without health insurance. 25% of Texans do not have health insurance, the highest rate of uninsured among the 20 largest states.”