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Paxil and Birth Defect

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We are now representating individuals who too Paxil during pregnancy which resulted in injuries to the newborn. If you are not aware, Paxil has been show to cause holes or other malformations in the chambers of the newborne’s heart. Often the defects heal on their own, but more severe cases require surgical intervention.

Specifically, Paxil causes Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn (“PPHN”). This dangerous condition affects the heart and lungs of a newborn. With this condition, the baby’s blood flow bypasses the lungs, where the oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged. As a result, oxygen does not enter the blood stream and therefore, cuts off the supply of oxygen to the heart and other organs. This lack of oxygen may result in organ or tissue damage, heart failure, brain hemorrhage, kidney failure or possibly death. Even after treatment for PPHN, children may suffer from long-term effects, such as pulmonary disorders and breathing problems, developmental delay, seizure disorders and neurological deficits.