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Jeremy Thurman

Swimming Pool Deaths in Oklahoma

If you own a pool it should be fenced. If it is not already, you should be thinking seriously about getting it done. Why? Well, an important reason might be to prevent tragic instances such as this…

Jeremy Thurman

Tulsa Infant Killed by a Puppy

One of the most tragic dog bite accidents I have every heard of recently happened in Tulsa Oklahoma. Newsok.com is reporting that 2-month-old infant was attacked and killed after being mauled by a…

Jeremy Thurman

Oklahoma’s Wrongful Death Statute – Damages

I am preparing to go to trial in a couple of weeks on a wrongful death action. In doing so I have written whats called a Trial Brief where you essentially let the Court know that basic issues of…

Jeremy Thurman

Follow-up to Trucking Fatality Accident

I wanted to follow up on the trucking accident that killed a family of 4 from Joplin, Missouri. Azcentral.com is reporting that police are recommending that the truck driver be charged with 4 counts of negligent homicide. If you recall, the accident happened in Pryor Oklahoma where the truck driver negligently rear-ended the family of 4 at a stop light.This sad story once again reiterates the…

Jeremy Thurman

Crashes in Tulsa Area Claim 7 Lives

In a very sad story, the Tulsa World is reporting that over seven people have been killed in crashes in the Tulsa area.Per the article, five people ages 18 and younger are among those killed. Seven people — including two Catoosa teenagers and a Missouri family — were killed in crashes Sunday in Green Country, and a Pawhuska teenager died Monday after a single-vehicle crash in Delaware County.

Jeremy Thurman

Study Finds Cancer Diagnosis Linked to Insurance

I just saw the following article from the New York Times discussing a new study by the American Cancer Society which has found that the uninsured and those covered by Medicaid are more likely than those with private insurance to receive a diagnosis of cancer in late stages, often diminishing their chances of survival.

Jenny Albano

Police Kill 5 Year-Old Boy While Shooting at Snake

A police officer that was trying to kill a snake fired a stray bullet that hit and killed a 5 year-old boy who was fishing in a nearby pond.Austin Haley was fishing with his grandfather, Jack Tracy, on Friday, August 3 when the accident occurred. Tracy stated that he heard and saw a bullet fall into the water only a few feet away from the boat they were fishing in and then seconds later there…

Staff Writer

Kite Tube Recall Initiated

Approximately 19,000 kite tubes are being recalled by Sportstuff, Inc. after the company received reports of two deaths and many serious injuries linked to the product’s use. The kite tube is pulled behind a boat, and the rider polls on the tubes handles to become airborne. Riders have been killed and injured while being towed at high speeds and falling off the tube from several feet in the air.